What is Slow Eating??? “Take back the value meal”

Slow Eating?

I want to share this article that explains what slow eating is, and how easy (and inexpensive) it can be. I signed up to join others in cooking a local, fresh meal with people in my community. Anyone want to join us?

Thought I’d post this article because it has inspired me. I want to be healthy!

Follow @localdirt for more information about eating local.


If ‘slow food’ is the opposite of ‘fast food’ it stands to reason that expecting a ‘value meal’ in the slow lane would be out of the question.

Not so according to local farmers and other slow food advocates around the country. Slow food, according to the definition, is the opposite of fast food in that it is healthy, local, and good for farmers and the planet. But it can also be affordable, contrary to popular perception.”

Read on here: New local food cookbook aims to “take back the value meal” | Nooga.com.

Christopher & I at the Farmer's Market



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