My Easy Upholstery Job: dining chairs


I was commissioned to re-upholster some dining room chairs for a work friend and wanted to share this with everyone! I’m proud of myself for finishing a project and making a small profit!

This was a painstaking process and I learned a few lessons as well as developed some goals for my future in this business.


1. A good working staple gun can save you from cussing.

2. Working in the early morning is the only time to do manual labor in Dallas, TX. (I will probably never follow this rule, but starting this project in the middle of a drougt and 110 degree temps makes 6 am worktime seem really appealing)

3. Just keep working. Eventually it will get done.


1. Get a pneumatic staple gun, like this one: 

Freeman Pneumatic 18-Gauge Strip Narrow Crown Stapler

2. Create an entire Dining set with my new found skills of upholstery!

3. Possibly add a handmade section on my Etsy site for custom upholstery of dining chairs (local only). Simple way to make some extra money! 

I started by stripping down the chairs and removing the old pleather covering and foam.  I gave it a good clean cause it’s nice to work on a clean surface.

Stripped down.

As I stripped them, I noticed one of the bases was rotting and I had to have a very nice guy from church to cut a new piece of plywood. I am eternally grateful…

I then started the grueling process of stapling the fabric over the foam and batting. I won’t go into alot of detail because there are about a billion videos on youtube that can explain this process. I have a link below to one of the best tutorials I found!

Nastiness of my house while working on this stuff! I wish I had a garage!!

My stapler wasn’t meant for this heavy duty of a job, so I used about 90% body weight and 10% stapling power to insert each staple… My shoulder was so sore of all that smashing of the stapler!

Christopher said we need to work on our boundaries...

We ate in the midst of this process.

The seat after I had stapled it. I was then applying the last touchups.

I bought this fabric called “stiffener,” I’m still not sure what it’s supposed to stiffen. I used it to cover up the ugly staples and extra fabric on the bottom.

Christopher is the master driller!

Christopher saved the day and drilled each seat into the chair frame. He really likes the drill.

It's taking over my life!

HORRAY!! It's finished!

They turned out pretty good! And my first upholstery customer was happy!

I used Weisen3098’s YouTube videos to learn how to do this. He does great tutorials. Check him out here.


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5 responses to “My Easy Upholstery Job: dining chairs

  • cb

    I love this! The fabric is nice. You made it seem like we could all do it.

  • Jenni Escobar

    Sorry I am almost a month late but these look great! I love that fabric. You did a great job of making them look smooth and well done. I share your goal of an air compressor and all the cool tools that come with it like a paint sprayer and nail gun.

  • morganclairemyers

    Yes!! I’m dying to get an air compressor!! If you figure out where to get one cheap, let me know!

  • Bill

    Hello, This is Bill who’s youtube videos at weisen3098 you noted as a resource for your success in your upholstery project. Thank you for noting my videos as a good resource, and I’m very happy to see people use what I teach.
    Your chairs really do look great. You lined up the pattern nicely and completed the job. Not many people do you know. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and well done.

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