Counseling Gem or Heresy?

I’m sure this is 80% too much coffee, but what I’m being taught in my counseling classes seems so humanistic… I am including some quotes from one of the guys (major counseling expert and big Christian author) we are required to read in my classes.

Is straight scripture in every “pep talk” too much for people to handle? Are the following phrases the milk that people have to start with before they can take meat? I need feedback! Am I way off?  I don’t want to be too harsh a judge, but is this what “Biblical” counselors use in their sessions? Where’s the Bible?

  • You can’t determine your physical emotional response, but when you have the faith attitude, you can rise above your feelings. You cannot stop feelings, but you can keep your feelings from stopping you.
  • You can’t determine your circumstances, but when you have the right attitude you get the best out of circumstances and rise above your circumstances.
  • Jesus asked the blind men, “‘Do you believe that I am able to do this?’ ‘Yes, Lord,’ they replied. Then he touched their eyes and said, ‘According to your faith will it be done to you'” (Matt 9:28-29, NIV). In this biblical example, the external power of Jesus was made effective by the blind men’s choice to believe. In other words, the Lord chose to bring about physical healing through the channel of their mind, which chose to believe.  (This is a Biblical example from my book. Is this the way it should be interpreted and communicated to counselees?)
  • The greatest cause of so-called mental illness is a distorted concept of God and ourselves.
    I really don’t want to attack this author, I just need to know the truth about the lines between this type of counseling and Biblical counseling, which is what I want to pursue.

Great Post from my Lil Sis about my Nana…

“Last Monday night I was feeling sickly and didn’t quit have the head to drive home so I found myself on my Nana’s couch. Even being a vegan she finds a way to make me gain 7 pounds in one sitting. We talked about life currently, estates sales we’ve been exploring, crafts we’ve started (never finished), gossip from the movie stars, and as always- she tells stories of her mama.

Her mom was a single mom of five children, and when my Nana speaks about her, there is an admiration and reverence for who she was. They might not have had the most glamorous life, but they were each loved. Nana married relatively young, and thus her life as a young adult married. Out of the five children- Nana…”

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What is Slow Eating??? “Take back the value meal”

Slow Eating?

I want to share this article that explains what slow eating is, and how easy (and inexpensive) it can be. I signed up to join others in cooking a local, fresh meal with people in my community. Anyone want to join us?

Thought I’d post this article because it has inspired me. I want to be healthy!

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If ‘slow food’ is the opposite of ‘fast food’ it stands to reason that expecting a ‘value meal’ in the slow lane would be out of the question.

Not so according to local farmers and other slow food advocates around the country. Slow food, according to the definition, is the opposite of fast food in that it is healthy, local, and good for farmers and the planet. But it can also be affordable, contrary to popular perception.”

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Christopher & I at the Farmer's Market